Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Work of the Day: Irving Amen's "Many Children Dwell in my Father's House"

Known for his work with woodcut, sculpture and painting, Irvin Amen (b. 1918) usage of religion and love for mankind is ever present in this piece that seem to speak volumes. Travels to Jerusalem, Turkey, Greece, Paris and Israel are all reflective in his work; his earlier works emulated Michelangelo's masterpieces but soon found his own unique style. The above piece is etched entirely in woodcut; etching is the process of taking a hot sharp object and cutting into the given material to create art. Typically, woodcut or woodblock pieces then to have a religious or spiritual theme. Take the time to carefully examine this piece and reflect on what this really means to you.

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artlover22 said...

I have the artist's proof of Amen's "Many Children..."
What is its worth?