Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hera @ Fifty24SF

Therapy Dropout by Hera at Fifty24SF features paintings on cardboard integrated into the wall, which is covered with paint and calligraphy, along with hand-knit straight-jacket sweaters.

Therapy Dropout by Hera
A Solo Exhibition in the Ground Level Gallery

German street artist Hera announces her debut solo show, Therapy Dropout. The exhibition will showcase a new body of work including paintings, drawings and installation. Hera’s new works reflect her use of graffiti as an outlet for her restlessness. The use of graffiti is a method that Hera uses to reach out to people that would otherwise not listen to her and she also uses it as a form of therapy. Hera quit regular therapy, which she believes saved her creativity.

“If you paint what you feel, you drag it out of yourself and put it in front of you, where you can see it and deal with it. Once that’s done you can turn your back on it and leave it behind. Others will eventually paint over it, but that doesn’t matter, because you had never planned on keeping it anyway. You’re moving on. That’s it,” states Hera of the meaning behind her Therapy Dropout exhibit.

Hailing from Frankfurt, Germany, Hera’s spontaneous and unrestricted style derived as a reaction to her formal art background and education. Her painting skills became further developed as she began painting in large scale in urban environments in 2001. Hera has also gained national recognition for her collaboration with the artist Akut and together they are known as Herakut.

View the exhbit now at:
The Upper Playground
252 Fillmore St.
San Francisco, CA 94117
Directions Link
Phone: 415.252.9144

For more information on Hera, please visit: http://www.herakut.de/

Source: Artslant & Fifth24SF

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