Wednesday, July 30, 2008


An accomplished writer, thinker and engineer, R. Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller (1895-1983)is widely recognized as one of the world's great modern visionaries of the 20th century. A natural Futurist, Fuller created a concept known as "Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science" which means the essence of human life on the planet is to solve problems and continue expanding our awareness and views of what is possible.

Bucky Fuller was best known for his design of the geodesic dome, and pushing forward the notion that the Earth was a ‘spaceship’ passing through a much more vast universe that could challenge and inspire us as we addressed global problems.

He was an early advocate for renewable energy, developed the highly efficient three-wheeled Dymaxion car, and also the ‘World Game’ which allowed individuals to test strategies for global solutions. He would surely love Second Life and the ability to simulate real world situations virtually!

"Explore the ideas and theories of one of the great American visionaries of the twentieth century. Best known as the inventor of the geodesic dome, R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) addressed fields ranging from mathematics, engineering, and environmental science to literature, philosophy, architecture, and visual art. This exhibition includes rare original examples of Fuller’s most important works from both private and public collections."

This exhibit is now on view through September 21, 2008. Check out the video posted below to learn more about The Buckster.

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