Sunday, July 20, 2008

i heart art recommends: ART IS MY HUSTLE

I am constantly on the search for the new and . On 21st Century Hustle page, founder Ali Muhammad posted this link for ARTISMYHUSTLE.COM. Check out the link and make sure to review this brother's credentials listed below. Art will forever rule the world and I plan on remaining a part of the movement.


T.Magic is a thought-provoking artist that defies convention. Hailing from London, England, his self-determination and irrepressible optimism formed his business mantra from an early age: Art is my Hustle. Defending his dreams through an aerosol can, the young Artistocrat painted pictures of a forgotten community fighting for the right to be heard in a world of limited space.

Having graduated from the vicious school of the hard knocks, his is that rarest combination of talents: untethered creativity plus commercial savvy. Defiantly independent, the 24-year-old Magic produces striking works of heart and soul that demand we know and remember, not just consume.

T.Magic’s internal think-tank is driven by a simple philosophy: Creating Something Out Of Nothing. Drawing inspiration from his environment, his groundbreaking artwork is infused with layers of meaning and deliberation. Keeping up his furious work pace, Magic continues to advance the art form and enrich the culture by any means necessary.


photo and artbiography courtesy of ARTISMYHUSTLE.COM.

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