Monday, July 7, 2008

Mert and Marcus for Tom Ford White Patchouli

Photographers Mert and Marcus shot this ad for Tom Ford's White Patchouli fragrance which will launch in September of this year. Tom states:

"I wanted to continue with that stylized, glossy image [which the designer started with his Black Orchid fragrance ads in 2006]," said Ford. "And not too many people are doing black-and-white ads right now, which was also a consideration."

The ad features the soulful singer Erykah Badu and she evokes a modern-day Mona Lisa. What are your thoughts on the photo?

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Fred said...

Erykah (or whatever other alias you care to use) is a great muse for Ford. Her style and sound are beyond the scope of modern rules and she is always sure to dispell any perceptions you have of her.