Tuesday, August 26, 2008

David Byrne bike racks, NYC, 2008

The Hipster', Bedford & North 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The Coffee Cup', Amsterdam Ave b/t 110th and 111th St (near The Hungarian Pastry Shop)

'The Wall Street', Wall Street (north side)

The Chelsea', 25th Street in front of PaceWildenstein

The Ladies' Mile', 5th Avenue in front of Bergdorf's

These functioning bike racks are designed by David Bryne of Talking Heads fame. Not a stranger to experimental installation art, Bryne has been designing since the 1990s and recently took over the Battery Maritime Building to transform it into a giant musical musical instrument (mainly composed of pipes, radiators and columns); the result was an old pipe organ and renamed it "Playing the Building." Only on view for a year, the bike racks will later be sold through the Pace/McGill Gallery so enjoy them before they become too expensive to view.

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