Monday, June 23, 2008

Profile: Matthew Courtney & The Steps To Nowhere Gallery

Street artist Matthew Courtney has created his own gallery entitled "The Steps To Nowhere Gallery." Can you guess were the space is located? Outside the steps of the J. Crew store in SoHo. I had seen this artist before but never really paid any attention until today as I was walking the streets and noticed his "welcome" sign on the steps. Matthew's work is created on old MAC computer boxes and pieces of the New York Times; his favorite is the Weather section. His work represents every race, creed and gender and believes he is every man and every man is he; Matthew's usage of coloring suggests such. Born and raised in a small town in Oregon, Matthew came to NYC over 20 years ago and hasn't look back since. If you are ever in the SoHo district and find yourself longing for a new computer at the Apple Store or a pair of crisp khakis from J. Crew kindly do not step on the steps to the gallery; kindly step up to it.

Matthew brags "J. Crew pays $45,000 a month in rent and I pay $0." How fabulous is that? Matthew is just one of the many artists that are located in the SoHo district who have a cult following and happen to sell work on a daily basis. I have even bought work from Ronald Brown who created these large-scale works that are part cubist/post-60s revolutionary. If you are ever in SoHo and need a good laugh as well as visual fix Matthew Courtney is your guy.

Images courtesy of tyrusrochell


Keisha Kornbread said...

I love him!!

He is brilliant!!

Fred said...

He's got the right idea! Why spend $1000s of dollars on rent with the streets of New York are FREE!


I love Matthew.

sjon said...

You can also see Matthew in the Movie "Happiness Is" (

Cindy Higby said...

We own an original Matthew Courtney and love it. He's a fun and interesting guy. He worked up an original for us one fall day and we went across the street to Fanelli's for a beer, as he did his work. Everyone should collect his art. It'll be worth a fortune one day!