Monday, June 23, 2008

Design Profile: AUTOBAN by De La Espada

What do you get when combine a couple of Turkish designers, one Spanish designer and one Portuguese? The result is AUTOBAN by De La Espada. This Istanbul-based design firm (named Best Young Designers by Wallpaper in 2004 and Best Newcomer by Blueprint in 2005) has combined forces with Portuguese furniture manufacturer De La Espada to create a line that was launched at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.

Each piece of the collection carry such influences as diverse as flora, fauna and chess, but never look confused. For example, the Deer chair evokes its namesake perfectly, from its thin arms and legs, to its knobby joints, to its timid stance; click over and take a gander at Mushroom Family, Pumpkin and King.

Currently the collaborators have released three new pieces including the One Armed chair as well as Opposite-armed chairs that can be combined to form a bench.

For more on this design collective, click here.

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