Tuesday, November 10, 2009

GINO SEVERINI | Pierrot the Musician

Pierrot the musician, dressed in an immaculate white costume which contrasts with his black mask of the commedia dell'arte, sits in a room with brightly patterned walls. In 1910 Severini joined the Futurist movement, a group of artists and writers who expressed the dynamism of the modern world by presenting machines and figures in motion, and went on to create some masterpieces of Futurist art. He was much influenced by Georges Seurat, evident in his use of pure colour, and became friends with a number of Cubist artists, including Pablo Picasso.

The calm composition of this painting and the precision ans care with which Severini has executed the stiff folds of Pierrot's outfit, his rubbery hands and the guitar, marks the artist's movement away from the influences of Futurism and Cubism and towards a rekindling of the Neo-Classical spirit which dominated Severini's work until his death.

See: Balla, Boccioni, Greuze, Picasso, Seurat and Terbrugghen

Phaidon Limited Press (2001). The Art Book (p.425). Hong Kong.

Photo credit: artsheaven.com

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