Tuesday, November 3, 2009

DSSF | Joshua Mays

Joshua Mays is originally from Denver and has resided in Philadelphia for
the past 7 years. He’s contributed to exhibitions across the US in
Philadelphia, New York, Denver, New Orleans, San Francisco, Los Angeles and
has exhibited internationally in Mexico City, London and Johannesburg,
South Africa. He’s created illustration’s for various clientele, including
Jill Scott, Ursula Rucker, Jneiro Jarel, Circulations(Japan) and
Ubeat(Germany). Joshua is currently showing with Thinkspace and

The latest work from Joshua Mays is a further expansion on "change" and
his individual and collective relationship with it. Warfare, sexuality,
futurism, genetics, musical melody and rhythm and urban chaos are utilized
to compose the narratives explored in these mixed media pieces.

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