Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal FIRST FRIDAY: 04.03.09

This Montréal band could have written the original sound track for the movie version of your life. In Technicolor, with beautifully framed shots. Road movie atmosphere, of course. With a time for everything: close-ups, long shots, cutaway shots, love scenes, car chases and fight scenes, psychological tension, murderous looks, shot, reverse shot, cut.

Pawa Up First’s stage performance is accompanied by video projections in which the unfolding images seem to conjure up familiar faces, forgotten feelings, long-lost places and seasons past. In short, you’ll get a taste of movie music put through the blender with other ingredients that add a jazz, rock, hip hop and dub flavour. About to release its third album, PUF will introduce its latest compositions at the next Friday Nocturne.

The Musée’s capacity for the Nocturnes events is limited. The first to arrive will be admitted into the performance space; those arriving later in the evening will have the possibility of watching the show via video as well as visiting all the Musée’s exhibitions in an exclusive, nocturnal atmosphere.

Staff will be available in the exhibition spaces to answer questions.

No reservation is required.

First come, first served!

Admission with either regular Musée ticket or our new $10 Wired card.

Nocturnes Schedule:

5 pm to 9 pm: access to the Musée’s exhibitions featuring ambient sound track and bar service with original drinks concocted by Mixoart & Fluid Flair (cash only).

7 pm to 8 pm: musical performance in the Beverly Webster Rolph Hall, relayed by video to a screen outside the performance space.


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