Friday, January 16, 2009


Today the long-awaited NOTORIOUS hits theaters today and I decided to pay tribute to the slain rapper in my own little way; through art of course. I found these images on GOOGLE so I am not for sure you created them bit they seem to capture the over all essence of Biggie Smalls. The usage of coloring reminds me of the many COOGI sweaters he would rock while performing or strolling down the block. Each painting evokes a different emotion from serene to vulnerable to confidence. Be sure to check out the movie this weekend and search the internet at the many mediums of work which captured the rapper's during the prime of his short-lived career.


Keisha Kornbread said...

I love his music, but I am a bit tired of seeing his face plastered on beauty supply shop t-shirts and dollar store portraits.

I'm also a bit tired of hearing the stories about what might have happened and the events leading up to his murder.

The same goes for Tupac!!

Dorian said...

This is a good collection of works you found.

Fred said...

Anyone see the movie yet? What's the word on the street??