Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Art About The City: 125th-140th between Lenox and Adam Clayton Powell, Harlem, NYC

there is so much beauty to be found just wondering the streets of any urban city. sure the art galleries and museums offer the 'creme de la creme' but the real art surrounds us each and everyday; whether we are walking the dog, waiting for the bus or shopping. i always make it my prerogative to capture art in the now because it could all be non-existent by tomorrow. i could say this beautiful art grew out of gentrification (as i see so much of it happening in harlem as well as in other urban cities experiencing "urban renewal" projects) but that would insulting to the people who actually work and thrive in these ugly/beautiful domains. normally my focus when capturing photographs is that of old worn posters; whether it be old concert posters or just plain ole tagging i always find joy in a new discovery. my goal is to collect as many photographs as possible of urban living so if you have any please feel free to forward to me and i will feature them on the site.


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