Tuesday, May 6, 2008

MOBA releases "The Museum of Bad Art: Masterworks"

The Museum of Bad Art - Masterworks
by Michael Frank, Louise Reilly Sacco, 128 pages, size 6 x 8 inches, hardcover

Possibly the most highly anticipated bad art sequel of the century. MOBA - Masterworks is due out May, 2008. If you order now, your book will be inscribed by the authors, with a short message that you specify in the space above.

Located in the basement of a theater, the Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) is a unique institution dedicated to the celebration of artistic effort, however misguided. The Museum of Bad Art: Masterworks presents a pulsating collection of more than seventy never-before-published pieces of artwork from MOBA’s permanent collection. Comprised largely of canvases found discarded on curbside trash piles or obtained for a pittance at thrift stores, this innovative compilation occupies a niche previously ignored in the international community of art collection, preservation, and interpretation. If the subjectivity of art appreciation were ever in doubt, this astonishing assortment of artistic commentaries will fan the flames of controversy. It is clear that many of these artists suffered for their art; now it’s your turn.

* A photographic catalog of 70 exquisitely bad pieces of master artwork from the permanent collection of the Museum of Bad Art. Among the works are the immortal No Visible Means of Support, Retch Like an Egyptian; Bone-Juggling Dog in Hula Skirt; Alien Adam and Eve; Lulli, Fowl and Gravestone; and the ever-troubling Spewing Rubik's Cubes.
* Featuring profiles of select MOBA artists as well as the insightful and hither-untold stories behind the art.

About the Authors

Michael Frank is the curator-in-chief of the Museum of Bad Art. A professional musician and entertainer with enviable balloon-twisting skills. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

Louise Reilly Sacco is the permanent acting interim executive director of the Museum of Bad Art. A founding member of the MOBA team, she originally served as director of financial enablement. A marketing consultant and cohost of the Frugal Yankee Radio Hour, Louise lives in Needham, Massachusetts.

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All text and imagery courtesy of The Museum of Bad Art.

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