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Cerasoli Gallery: ROY NACHUM 'Prophecy' Opening Reception: Saturday August 22, 6-9pm

C E R A S O L I g a l l e r y presents

ROY NACHUM 'Prophecy'

August 22 - September 16, 2009
Opening Reception: Saturday August 22, 6-9pm

C E R A S O L I Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of extraordinary works by Roy Nachum on view in Gallery 1 & 2 at the Cerasoli Gallery.
Exhibition opens August 22, 2009, and remains on view through September 16, 2009. Opening reception For the public is Saturday, August 22, from 6pm – 9pm.

Suffused with the divine light of the Renaissance masters, Roy Nachum’s texturized, surrealist paintings are scaled to life size, but his images resist the conventions reality imposes on both wilderness and civilization. Partially nude women crouch next to kneeling elephants to peer into their eyes and stroke their nubile trunks. A boy, blinded by the heavy crown which has slipped over his ears to cover his eyes, runs through a house of mirrors with a red balloon tied to his wrist. Nachum’s photo-real figures inhabiting fantastic worlds are overlaid with a texture of raised ‘pixels’ of paint, each one painstakingly hand-made by the artist. The result of this unexpected topography is a feeling of glimpsing a stranger’s dirty little secrets through an inky, rain-spotted windowpane or finding pages torn from a book of exotica, left outside to decompose like so many dead leaves and abandoned desires. Perhaps intended to serve as a kind of mirror caught between two worlds, Nachum’s geometrically patterned paint daubs reflect the atomic building blocks of life while mimicking the tell-tale thumbprint of a digital printer. The viewer instinctively draws in for a closer inspection and is reminded of the abstraction which exists behind our veil of reality. This duality goes beyond the canvas’ surface quality, revealing itself in Nachum’s mix of the imaginary world and real life, memories and fantasies, found in his startling, dreamlike imagery. Explorations of submergence and emergence, naivete and maturity, the real and unreal, Nachum’s paintings invite the viewer into a dualistic experience combining the virtual and psychic in a single, focused, artful moment.

Nachum is also well known for his work as an interior designer, which has appeared in restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels in the United States and Europe, including Club Door, TAO Nightclub at The Venetian in Las Vegas, Cafe Bari,SoHo, 1Oak, Lower Manhattan, Southern Hospitality and Destino both Upper East Side owned by Justin Timberlake.

Educated in Jerusalem at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and New York City’s Cooper Union, Nachum is interested in recreating psychological turning points in his subjects’ lives with a cinematic sense of framing movement and emotion. Currently living and working in New York City, Nachum’s work has been exhibited in France, Israel, and the United States, and collected by prominent art collectors, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Timberlake.

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"Cerasoli is small, but mighty – and it encourages you to find your own underlying theme between the three rooms. You may pick up on something nobody else had thought of yet! " Nicole Campoy - Editor of Fine Arts LA :

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