Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Artist of the Day: Wanmhope

The works made by the Italian artist Wanmhope radiate flights of fantasy and imagination that are full of hidden meanings and expressions of contemporary culture. They are sometimes pushy, sometimes modest, sometimes elegant and sometimes rough. But, above all, the creations of Wanmhope are all beautifully composed and accomplished.

Dazed Digital: What does Wanmhope mean?
Wanmhope Artist: Wanmhope in Neapolitan dialect means 'a thing beautiful'.

DD: How would you describe your own work?
Wanmhope Artist: My work is divided – I travel to see new cities and follow new sensations and ideas.I compare myself with what I see on the streets and galleries and I merge them into one personal vision.

DD: Tell us more about your work process?
Wanmhope Artist: The beginning of my work requires preparation and reflection. The themes covered are exasperation, aesthetics, and fragility of existence.

DD: What inspires you to create?
Wanmhope Artist: My inspiration is born from changes in society, from my experience and from things that I see. Music and fashion are of great importance in my life.

DD: What other passions do you have in life?
Wanmhope Artist: I love new technology, design, architecture and cinematography, and my Xbox360 is always on.

DD: What are your future goals?
Wanmhope Artist: To expose my artworks in good galleries such as Diana Stigter, Hohenlohe, Addict Galerie, and White Cube.


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