Saturday, April 18, 2009


Picture It: New York City, April 18, 2009

A young up and coming arts & culture writer is merrily strolling through the land of forbidden known as THE VILLAGE when suddenly he makes a discovery.

HARK, he replies and goes over to futher research his finding.

Young Man: Hello Sir! This work is quite extraordinary. Is it yours by any chance?
Older Man: Yes young man. Thank you for your kind words.
Young Man: (hands the older gentleman his card) My name is Tyrus Rochell and I'm an arts writer with a lovely little space on the world wide web called I.HEART.ART.
Older Man: My name is Zorroz
Young Man: Your name is what?
Older Man: Zorroz
Young Man: Could you please spell it? I don't understand.
Older Man: Z-O-R-R-O-Z S-P-I-C-E-R
Young Man: Oh now I see. How fantastic!
Older Man: How do you pronounce your name?
Young Man: It is pronounced Tyrus.
Older Man (gives me a look): How do you pronounce it?
Young Man: T-Y-R-U-S like C-Y-R-U-S
Older Man: Oh I see.
Young Man: Yes. So what is your inspiration and why do you paint?
Older Man: I dont have an inspiration and my father was a painter so I do the same.
Young Man: Brilliant! How much are your works?
Older Man (seen admiring my t-shirt): I like your t-shirt man. It is inspiring me right now. My mind is ticking.
Young Man (flattered and tosses his hair back coyly): How much are your works?
Older Man: The smaller ones are $20. That is reasonable, right?
Young Man: Absolutely! My money is funny so this is right on target. But I am afraid I cannot patron you today sir as I do not carry cash on me ever (shows him my red mongrammed GOYARD wallet). But I will be sure to catch you the next time, okay?
Older Man: What is your name again? HA! I have your card; I was only joking.

(He winks, I smile and I go on with my day)


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