Thursday, April 30, 2009

Art Against Knives

28 August 2008, a 15-year old assailant on Boundry Street, East London stabbed Oliver Hemsley, 20-year-old Central St.Martin’s College Student eight times in an unprovoked attack. Oliver narrowly escaped with his life and spent the next 134 days in intensive care, his spinal cord was partially severed leaving him paralysed never to walk again. Consequently Oliver will require constant medical support for the remainder of his life, the attack was an indiscriminate tragedy, which only serves to defy comprehension.

Out of darkness comes positive action, 'Art Against Knives' is an initiative based around Oli's love for art and draws public focus to the violence under our very own nose. The exhibition runs over two days and covers photography, fashion, fine art, illustration, sculpture and installation takes place at Shoreditch Town Hall and Shoreditch House all artwork is available for sale, with an auction taking place on the evening of the second day.

To read more and view the artwork available for auction, click HERE.


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