Sunday, May 24, 2009


Fashion and style legend Andre Walker staged his first runway show when he was 15 years old at a club in Brooklyn. Later, he designed at Williwear and masterminded his own Paris-based house at the invitation of Patrick Kelly's partner. And currently he works as a stylist and consultant, leaving his unmistakable fingerprints on the world's most acclaimed collections. Walker's latest solo creation is a new self-published magazine-object called Tiwimuta, an acronym that stands for "this is what it made us think about." The project is a bound exhibition of contributions from his friends -- artists, writers, designers, stylists, photographers, creative soulmates, inspiring strangers discovered on the street -- whose only direction was that they not tell Walker what they were working on.

The kaleidoscopic result includes words and images from Victoria Bartlett, Masha Orlov, Marcelo Krasilcic, Hilton Als, Philippa Horan, Andrea van der Straeten, Jean-Paul Goude and PAPER's own Kim Hastreiter, among many others. Walker explains that Tiwimuta's embossed tin cover, featuring a tower fashioned from a childhood toy building set, is an allegory for the project itself: "I didn't know exactly what I was building, but I knew I was building something." The model in the photograph wears a "Chiffon Meets Hair" accessory (from a 1992 show of Walker's) that epitomizes Walker's brilliance. "I love chiffon and I love hair," he explains, "I wanted the two of them together."

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