Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Confection Art Exhibition Recap

Over the holiday weekend, Pres Rodriguez curated a one-of-a-kind charity bake sale art exhibition in Miami. The show featured over 20 of Miami’s top artists including: Jim Drain, Michael Genovese, Jason Hedges, Nick D. Lobo, Justin Long, Hugo Montoya, Jonathan Thomas and Kyle Trowbridge amongst others. The show was a success beyond anyone’s expectations, raising over $10,000 for charity and providing the feel-good moment of the year for Miami, amidst this crazy recession. Its main room was transformed into a giant Krispy Kreme donut with over 1,000 sprinkles on the pink “frosting” walls. Bert Rodriguez, a Miami based 2008 Whitney Biennial artist, alongside Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova contributed a double toilet seat server which had people eating chocolate pudding and rice pudding out of the bowls. With over 2,000 people coming through, it might have been the party of the year. Further information and images regarding the event can be found at Oh-wow.com.