Monday, December 8, 2008


My Yankee sister twice removed to the good ole South, Anne K. has the most amazing site devoted to everything that I am which is Southern. Recently profiled is the anti-artist of artists Grant Henry aka "Sister Louisa." Sister Louisa is similar to my alter ego Pussy Chignola so hopefully one day soon they can collaborate as The 'Emancipation of Two Southern Belles Who Don't Give A Flying Fuck about Commerical Art." Check out the commentary below!

my gallery Sister Louisa's Art Gallery in the Church of The Living Room And Ping Pong Emporium is in my home in a loft in downtown atlanta...i live in a work/live loft spacewhich caters to the art community by offering moderate income housing to artists,as opposed to single mothers raising litters of kids. it is what it is.

i bleed sister Louisa because that's what i do to process my former relationshipto societal institutions such as religion, politics, family, and community.

i love playing with the symbols of what we all are taught to believe, without necessarily attaching myself to any of those beliefs.

i love the south. i love when one's faith is more sophisticated than the believer herself.i love injecting humor into serious, forbidden places.

foremost: i believe that god's love for me IS GREATERthan anything i can do, or say, to fuck that up!to diminish that sense of unconditionality.

i never apologize for my art. it's a balance...

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Keisha Kornbread said...

Honesty is soo refreshing.