Monday, April 28, 2008

Sound of Art Presents "SCRATCH.BOMB.SPIT.BREAK", 05/03/08

The SCRATCH.BOMB.SPIT BREAK. exhibit is an ultra personal foray into the soul and psyche of this world-renown illustrator, graphic designer and painter, JOE BUCK. The venue for the festivities is none other than the Harlem trailblazing sneaker and apparel spot Vault.

Joe Buck is a product of Hollis, Queens which was an early hotbed of Hip-Hop music. In the words of Joe Buck, this art series is comprised of “elements of my life mainly pertaining to Hip-Hop; the music, the art, the words, and the dance." That spirit is very much in evidence in pieces such KRS-ONE, HIP POP KILLS and JIMI HENDRIX.

It is only fitting that this function be held at Vault which is Harlem’s largest retailer of independent street-wear brands. Most of the brands sold at Vault were founded by artists such as Stash, Futura, Shepard Fairey, M. Tony Peralta etc…. Wayne Oliver, Vault owner, is a progressive thinker who believes in the importance of art as it relates to the community from which it springs.

Oh yeah...there will be drinks and vibes and stuff


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All text and images courtesy of Sound of Art.

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