Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is this really Hanes' New Campaign?

Allegedly, this campaign is being used for Hanes Original Tagless Comfort underwear “Because the world gives you enough tags.”

My opinion, the concept was very artistic and orignal but the delivery was not the best.

*Faggot portrays same-sex relations, s&m, sex toys, alcohol and vanity (cosmetics).

*Nigger portrays usage of drugs, guns, prisons, blue-collar jobs, and references about being HIV positive.

*Pak!, a racist name for a person of Pakistani origin, you see references to tanks, bullets, bombs and pigs.

What are your thoughts about this campaign? Do you hate it or love it? Seriously, I doubt Hanes would even approve of such usage of racist and derogatory language and if so this campaign would never be ran in the States.


Fred said...

I don't believe. Hanes is WAY to much of a family brand. Whoever created this is bold, but probably in for some serious legal issues.

Doug Cooper-Spencer said...

I agree with fred. I can't believe Hanes would try this campaign. Way too much risk! The art does make bold statements as art should, but I wonder, on the world stage, how many would 'get it'? The work belongs in a controlled environment like a gallery.