Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What is Art Informel?

"Fruits dans un compotier et fleurs"
Öl auf Papier auf Leinwand, Signiert und datiert oben links, 81 x 116cm

The french word informel means 'without form' rather than 'informal'. In the 1950s Art Informel artists were looking for a new way to create images without adopting the recognizable forms used by their predecessors (see Cubism and Expressionism). Their aim was to abandon geometrical and figurative forms and to discover a new artistic language. They invented shapes and methods that came about by improvization. The work of Art Informel artists is extremely varied but they often used free brushstrokes and thick layering of paint. Like Abstract Expressionism, which developed simultaneously in the USA, Art Informel is a very broad label and includes figurative (see Jean Fautrier) and non-figurative (see Hans Hartung) painters. Although centered mainly Paris, its influence reach other parts of Europe, notably Spain, Italy and Germany.

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