Monday, November 26, 2007

All I Want for Christmas are my Lomographic Society Cameras

For all of you wondering what to buy an amateur photographer for Christmas or even as a belated 30th birthday present, check out the Lomographic Society International cameras posted below. They take the most amazing and warped fisheyed pictures one would ever want to see. Also, they're dirt cheap (all I need are a few American Express gift cards or even 5 people to give me $10 bucks each) and would bring joy and cheer to my little heart as does little puppies and 4th of July sparklers!!! They are the illest cameras out there at the moment and would make me the coolest kid on the block. Below are the cameras I have been eyeing. Aren't they absolutely beautiful?

Lomographic Society "Orbit 360F"

Lomographic Society "Zenit 122K SLR" Camera

Lomographic Society "Holga 120 GN"

Lomographic Society "Diana" Limited Edition

Lomographic Society "Diana"

To learn more The Lomographic Society, click here.


Keisha Kornbread said...

I love those cameras. The effects are astounding!!

Melissa said...

Is this a new photography technique or is it a retro resurgence? Also, could you post some examples of photos that you love that were taken with this type of camera? Thanks!

GotPeace515 said...

do these cameras take regular pictures too? i don't know whether or not to buy one of them.