Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein | Migros Museum of Contemporary Art

Liechtenstein.- The Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein will show a thematic exhibition of selected works from the collection of the Migros Museum of Contemporary Art Zurich. The exhibition, called "Theatre of the World: The Migros Museum of Contemporary Art Collection", confronts works by artists since the 1990s with works by masters of Concept Art, Arte Povera and Minimal Art. The Migros Museum of Contemporary Art opened in Zurich in 1996 and is an important facet of the cultural works programme financed by the Migros retailing group. Its professional collecting activities extend back to the 1970's and it now owns an outstanding collection including numerous internationally renowned artists. The current refurbishment of the Löwenbräu building in Zurich gave those responsible at the museum the idea of inviting other museums to curate an exhibition featuring works from the collection and show these in a larger context. On view from May 27th until September 4th.

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