Saturday, October 2, 2010

FIRST LOOK: Jose Parla Mural | Concord Adex

Toronto’s Public Art Management has partnered up with Jose Parla to create the following permanent installation called “The Concord Project”. The first works featured are from renown Brooklyn artist Jose Parlà who is known for his graffitiesque paintings. The artist has implemented two huge panels as his canvas. They display his signature style for two condo lobbies under the developments of Concord Adex.

Source: HB via Arrested Motion

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chris wise said...

a lot of people say bad things about artists and the art they make when it is in a place like a condo lobby. they are all short sighted. i would be thrilled to pass by a piece like this every day on my way to work. and, for some, it is the only way that new art becomes part of their lives