Tuesday, July 20, 2010

kori newkirk/country club projects/ solo

LOS ANGELES, CA.- Country Club Los Angeles presents Kori Newkirk as the next artist in the gallery’s ongoing project series. Newkirk is presenting new works that touch upon fracture, abstraction, labor, the body, science and science fiction with this show while simultaneously ignoring, questioning and commenting on the modernist architectureof the gallery in Rudolf Schindler’s 1934-Buck House. Celebrated multimedia artist Kori Newkirk transforms everyday materials into loaded signifiers, shifting and distilling preconceived cultural ideas. Newkirk, using an economy of means, explores culture as an alchemist might, using culture as a raw material to manipulate and shape, forging something new.

Newkirk’s work often explores and questions the meanings of material and how this meaning is influenced and transformed by the form that it ultimately takes. With Mayday, worn white t-shirts have been used to speak about not only the recent past but also the very real present. Located directly on the floor, the work fluctuates between desire, despair and detritus, the gestures of erasure and addition, armor and adornment, the heavens and or ‘hell’as well as the body domestic.

July 17-August 21, 2010
Opening reception: Saturday, July 17, 6-8pm

Source: AKN

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