Thursday, October 22, 2009


I was intrigued by a position the Associated Press took yesterday when it filed new court papers in its countersuit against Shepard Fairey over his unauthorized use of an AP photo as the basis for his Obama "Hope" poster. Basically, they said: "You lie — some more".

To recap: A few days ago Fairey acknowledged that he had lied about just which AP photo he used. Actually, what he said was that at first he genuinely believed it was a picture of Obama with George Clooney from which he had cropped out Clooney, but he later realized that he had used a different picture from the same event, a close up of Obama alone, a shot the AP suspected all along he had used.

At the time I found my self wondering how it was possible that Fairey didn't remember which photo he had used for a poster he made only last year. The AP apparently had the same question. In an amendment to its countersuit filed yesterday with a New York court, the AP said "it is simply not credible that Fairey somehow forgot in January 2009 which source image he used".

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