Monday, September 7, 2009

The CHEVOLUTION has been televised.....

It may well be the most reproduced photograph in history, its meaning diluted and appropriated to the point where it has almost become meaningless. We’re talking of course about "Guerilla Heroico", the image of Che Guevara taken by fashion photographer turned documenter of the revolution Alberto Korda.

Being initially copyright free in accordance with the law in communist Cuba at the time, the image started off as a poster, a representation of 60s counter-culture to those in the know, but it has gone on to be used to market bands, drinks, cigarettes... as a representation of what? Chevolution seeks to answer that question.

With Alberto Kordas's daughter, Gael Garcia Bernal, Antonio Banderas, Jim Fitzgerald and Gerry Adams giving their views on the image and the myths surrounding it, this is an informative and inspiring piece of work. Dazed was lucky enough to grab some time with the film's director Trisha Ziff...

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