Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Number 35 Presents: Michael Paul Britto/Carlos Sandoval De Leon/Diane Wah

Michael Paul Britto, Carlos Sandoval De Leon, Diane Wah

July 17 - August 15, 2009

Number 35 is pleased to present works by New York-based artists Michael Paul Britto, Carlos Sandoval de Leon and Diane Wah.

Born and bred in Brooklyn, Michael Paul Britto began his career as a child, making television shows to amuse his family, with his aunt's VHS camera. Completely self taught and trained in desktop editing and imaging, he shoots his own material, edits at home and manipulates the images he collects on his personal computer. Britto's works range from narrative, documentaries and experimental videos, digital photography, sculpture, and performance.

Carlos Sandoval de Leon’s work intends to re-charge generic symbols found in everyday commodities. Juxtaposing objects to create double entendres that operate in and out of social environments.

Diane Wah is a Haitian-American artist from Queens, NY. Wah stumbled into visual art and is now an interdisciplinary maker of popular culture. Working in various mediums, fusing elements of photography, sculpture, printmaking and graphic design, she creates interesting, witty, political and always funny alterna-narratives.

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