Sunday, December 2, 2007

Artwork by Ambre Johnson

For a limited time only!!

Not sure what to give as a holiday gift? Tired of perusing through shopping malls, becoming frustrated at the vicious crowds? Want to give something creative and meaningful? Artist Ambre (Am-ber) Johnson has a special treat for all of you art collectors for the holiday season. For a limited time, take advantage of the art sale and give your loved ones or even yourself a unique and decorative gift. Check out the information below and make sure to visit the website for more information.

*small framed prints 3 for $99 (a $120 value) $40 each
*medium framed prints 3 for $159 (a $195 value) $65 each
*box of greeting cards 3 for $89 (a $105 value) $35 each

-view all artwork for products and details on website!
-offer good through January 15, 2008.
-all orders for Xmas delivery must be placed by Friday, December 8, 2007.

For more information, visit Ambre Anderson's site.


Fred said...

I got a chance to meet Ambre as well at the Opus 22 event. A very smart and talented young lady. Anyone who's looking to support young artist should check her out.

Ambreezy said...

Thank you so much again for this (How am I just noticing that you put Johnson for my last name lol ;-) Hmm I wondering what mutual friend u were thinking of?