Sunday, December 2, 2007

Emerging Artist: Who is Ambre (Am-ber) Anderson + What does she have to offer you this holiday season.

(image courtesy of the artist's website)

"Working to intertwine originality and passion with movement is my ongoing artistic agenda."

Ever since meeting artist Ambre(Am-ber) Anderson at her September 22 showing at Opus 22, I felt this incredible surge of energy as if I have met her before through her works. The works convey a hybrid of a Black Master painter meets Neo-Surrealist theme with usage of lush, vibrant colors and references of Black Power and Black Love. Listed below is Ambre's biography so you can get to know this sister on an artistic level.

With a diverse artistic style that is dominated by a powerful use of color, an amazing eye for composition and space, Ambre Anderson's creativity is unmistakably phenomenal. Early on her high school art teacher admitted, "It is a sin to let talent like this go to waste!" At Howard University Ambre was offered a scholarship to join the Fine arts school.

While attending Howard, the Baltimore native balanced being a student on the Dean's list with working at the Zennith Gallery and interning at the National Endowment for the Arts.

Moving to New York helped shape Ambre's creative edge, enabling her to stack challenges. While creating artwork, she also established herself as an actress and model. Ambre landed major ads for various advertising companies. Her talents converged when she booked a Jeep campaign in which she portrayed a painter. During the photo shoot the casting directors discovered Ambre's exceptional ability as a true artist. Not only did they hire her for the print ad, but she was also chosen for their television commercial as well.

Her artwork provokes challenge through social issues, family and urban realism. She explores emotion in relationships depicting love, aggression, laughter and intimacy.
Ambre's artwork engulfs audiences with a feeling of movement. Bold saturated color is pronounced in each piece, along with a specific cropped focal point and a rounded interpretation on what is perceived.

For more information on Ambre Johnson, please click here.

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